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Omega partners

    omega 2 Omega 2 - Leading distribution company in Georgia. Exclusive distributor of Philip Morris. General Importer of: GM Autovaz, Iveco and Ruuukki in Georgia ogt OGT- Leading cigarette manufacturing company in Caucasus omega motors Omega Motors - General Importer of BMW group brands in Georgia omega tegi Omega Tegi - The most advanced print facility in the Transcaucasia region omega news Omega News - is the Omega Group's corporate newspaper

About the Omega Group

The Omega Group has grown to become one of the most successful and distinguished business corporations in Georgia.

The strategic objectives of the group are to contribute to the economic growth of Georgia by delivering the highest quality and achieving world class standards of performance in our chosen markets.

The philosophy of the group is to operate in diverse markets, deploying appropriate high-level technology to drive and support the achievement of our strategic goals.

Global vision, local strengths

The vision of the Omega Group reaches beyond commercial success. We believe we have an important contribution to make to the future of our nation. Georgia is transforming itself into a dynamic, modern democracy and sees its future increasingly linked to the European Union, with the ultimate ambition of achieving membership.

At home, we provide employment opportunities on a large scale - The Omega Group has thousands of employed people on its payroll. We pride ourselves on being a responsible employer, respecting workers' rights and ensuring the best possible working conditions.

We exercise corporate social responsibility through charitable support for a variety of Georgian causes. These include helping art, sport, education,
and subsidies for various state and cultural events. Omega Group has also
provided financial support for the construction of a new church and the
renovation of various Georgian monuments.

As well as contributing considerably to the tax revenue of the Georgian government, Omega Group brings crucial overseas investments into Georgia, and through global partnerships with international businesses like Phillip Morris, BMW, MINI, IVECO, Chevrolet and Heidelberg, enhances the reputation of our country on the world stage.